Healing Hypnosis

Client Testimonials

"The CD I purchased sounds amazing and really worked to solve my problems! Really happy with this product.”— A. Burrows

"Dr. Frank’s CD healings have changed my life forever. I am so thankful.”  —  D. Frisk

 “I can’t thank you enough for the quality of the CDs I purchased for my family members.  It was so easy to use. I really look forward to buying more.” — The Calder Family

“Thank you so much! As expected the CDs I purchased at the International Alternative Healing Conference were amazing!! Just perfect!” — S. Brown

 “Great Job! Thank you!”— J. Edwards

“The CD I bought was so amazing, easy to listen to and I sleep like a baby now. Thank you so much.”  I will be sure to direct people to buy Dr. Frank’s CDs or personalized healings!”— R. Greenberg

 “I’m really happy how the CD worked for me.  Thank you.” — R. Faye

 “WOW!  This CD was fantastic, I am so much more intuitive now and it’s so much fun.  Plus I have never felt better.”— M. Black

“I purchased the Prep for Surgery and Better Recovery CD and I was amazed how great it worked.  My doctor said I got better from my procedure so much faster than most of his patients.  Thank you, I can’t wait to suggest these CD’s to others.”— J. Truce

"The CD’s I purchased were really unique and now I sleep better and make more money.  Thank you Dr. Frank.”— A. King


Welcome...picture and imagine yourself living the life of your dreams, free from any limiting beliefs that may have stopped you in the past. I am the guide on your journey to having, being, or doing anything you desire.  

                                                   -Dr. Karen Frank