Healing Hypnosis

Dr. Frank has spent over twenty years creating innovative, cutting edge techniques for developing human potential. Best known as the leading authority and expert on "NEXT!" her NEXTicity® techniques have impacted thousands of people with her upfront approach to making changes and learning to pay attention through her keynotes, workshops and programs.

"Everyone knows that the only thing that likes change is a wet baby!!!"
Her insightful, charismatic and often humorous approach allows for easy and effortless change.
Walking barefoot across shards of glass or over 1200 degree hot coals? Breaking arrows with your throat? Why????

Dr. Karen Frank shares the secrets of how to become your own NEXTicity® expert! Everyone knows people who are still hung up over their last failure! Learn how to choose your response to life events and instantly transform your self imposed limits.

Karen's amazing success rate is in part attributed to her winning motivation abilities and in part to her profound understanding of individuals' readiness and acceptance towards achieving their personal and professional goals.

Karen's mission is to help people from all walks of life to achieve personal and professional growth and make immediate and effective changes. It is her unique ability to transform people's lives in a short period of time that has made Karen a highly sought after speaker and facilitator.

Prior to her current business, she served as Human Resource Benefits Specialist and HR Relocation Specialist for a Fortune 500 corporation, was an award winning creative artist recognized for her design work, and founded/directed the Positive Changes Institute.

A published author and accomplished motivational speaker, she addresses hundreds of groups each year, teaching people in the areas of personal and professional growth, relaxation techniques, sales motivation, medical illnesses and much more.

In response to many workshops designed for the medical community, she found that her clients confirmed continued improvements using her innovative approaches. Based on these findings, Dr. Frank has developed a dynamic and effective, self-guided approach to facilitate healing on all levels. Through her private practice, Dr. Frank has assisted thousands of people in their own journeys of discovery for their full potential. Her fantastic success ratio is in part attributed to her winning motivational abilities and to her profound understanding of individuals' readiness and acceptance toward healing and changing themselves.

She has authored a monthly column for a holistic newspaper, hosted her own radio show, "Wellness Wednesdays" and has appeared on national television, including Discovery Channel, NBC News and Fox News and been the featured guest on television talk shows. She is a Certified F.I.R.E.WALK Instructor and has been president of the National Association of Female Executives.

She was listed in Atlantic City Magazine's "People to Watch", featured twice in Charlotte Woman, and also in Philadelphia Enterpriser magazine. She was recognized in NAWBO's Year of the Woman and awarded National Association of Book Editor's Pinnacle Book Achievement Award.